Love Baked Through

Welcome to D’s Old-Fashioned Treats!

If you love sweet treats this is the place for you.

We remember the delicious cakes and cookies our mothers and grandmothers (and even our fathers and grandfathers!) made while we were growing up. We have captured those delicious memories and brought them back for you to enjoy as well as to a new generation.

All of our products are made with natural, farm-fresh ingredients and contain no preservatives. They are made to order and shipped directly to you.

So whether you’re looking for something sweet and delicious to start your day, or need a mid-afternoon pick me up, we’ve got you covered. We even have something to satisfy your midnight cravings!

Our treats also make great gifts for any occasion.

We look forward to baking our best for you!

Deb & Dori

Give The Gift Your Clients Will Remember

Treat your clients to the best fresh baked treats they won’t forget.  Set the time you want to ship with your logo and we’ll make sure your partner gets the sweetest treats around, delivered right to their door!

fresh & delicious

D's Old-Fashioned

Our treats are baked with love