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We've brought back legendary recipes with a modern twist.

- Deb & Dori

Lemon Cookie Addiction

Not all lemon cookies are created equal.  D’s Old-Fashioned Cookies are soft, light, airy, and dusted with powdered sugar. Each bite sends your taste buds to a lemony refreshing state of bliss.  One bite and you’ll be hooked!

Nothing Compares With D's Treats

Our Journey

D’s Old-Fashioned Treats began its journey into business in the warm and cozy confines of a Grandma’s kitchen.

As demand grew, Deb & Dori realized that they could turn their passion into a business and decided to create a website to showcase their products. They carefully curated a selection of their best creations, took mouth-watering photographs and set up an online store. Today, the website bakery has a loyal customer base and continues to delight customers with its delicious treats, all thanks to the owner’s beginnings in grandma’s kitchen.

Unique “Gift Sets” perfect for special occasions or to let that client know how much you appreciate their business.  

fresh & delicious

D's Old-Fashioned

treats - baked with love