When Dice Leads to Treats

Posted by Dori Estabrook on

Bunco Game, Southern California, 2008.

At one end of the table, a woman with her award-winning chocolate chip cookies; at the other end, a woman with her delicious coffee cakes. Both are vying for that one roll of the dice to win the game. Unfortunately, the winning roll did not come. But a partnership of another kind began. D's Old-Fashioned Treats (DSOFT) is an idea that became a reality. And we have not looked back since.
DSOFT, an online store, showcases the best of classic recipes with a modern twist. Yes, our great grandmothers are rolling in their graves because we dared to change their recipes. However, after trying one cookie or coffee cake, you are hooked for life. From the unmistakable bite of ginger in our old-fashioned ginger cookies to the freshness of the blueberries in our sour cream blueberry coffee cake, these mouth-watering treats will make any day special.
Yet, there is more to us than treats. Giving back is the heart of our business. Each year one local non-profit organization benefits from DSOFT. $1 of each item sold is given directly to that organization. The coffee cake you purchased may help feed a family for a month. The cookies you sent to your friend as a gift may give teachers the needed supplies for their classrooms. So go ahead, make that purchase knowing you are not just getting something good for your sweet tooth but helping someone in need, and that is good for your soul.

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