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If you have ever looked at this tool and thought, "What in the world does this do?" Let me tell you; it is a lifesaver if you bake. There is no day when I make bread, scones, or even cookies that I do not use a Danish dough whisk.

As the name suggests, it was developed in Denmark and known as a "brodpisker." Mainly used for bread doughs, the whisk comprises rigid wire looped to make circles and is used for blending doughs without overworking them, and I find it easier to use than using my mixer in certain circumstances. It is faster and uses less strength than wooden spoons. Not only is it efficient in blending heavier doughs like bread and oatmeal cookies, but clean-up is a breeze. The design of the Danish dough whisk keeps batters and doughs from sticking to it.

According to untesil.org., "Dough whisks are easy to use and very effective, and we think every kitchen should have one."

My first introduction to the Danish dough whisk was watching Father Dominic on YouTube. (If you have never heard of Father Dominic, the bread monk, or watched his "Breadhead Minute" videos, you need to go here). Seeing how fast his batter came together was enough to get me excited, and I had to get one and fast.



The first time I used the Danish dough whisk, I made four batches of oatmeal raisin cookies. I could not believe the ease of use and the time I saved mixing, and it was a huge win.

If you do not have a Danish dough whisk and bake, I suggest running down to the store to purchase one pronto. You will not regret it.

You can purhcase a Danish Dough Whisk here:


Or other fine retail stores. 



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