Did You Know We Ship in Decorative Boxes?

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Cake boxes

When Deb and I started this business, we decided to do things people did not expect.  That included how we were going to ship out products.  Regular bakery boxes were just not sturdy enough to ship in,

Box on porch

and knowing how USPS, UPS, and FedEx handle packages, we needed to think outside the proverbial box.


After many trials and errors, we decided on seasonal decorative memory boxes.  Decorative boxes different shapes, colors, and sizes


Yes, they are not the usual bakery boxes, but we wanted our customers to have a unique experience when purchasing our products. The randomness of the style and décor of the boxes add to the enjoyment of the order, and customers will not know which decorative package received until opened. We feel this is one of our best-kept secrets and adds a special touch to the D's Old-Fashioned Treats experience. The best part is there is no extra charge for the boxes!!! 

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